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Almost three-quarters of Australian women with endometriosis surveyed in a new study illicitly use cannabis to relieve painful symptoms, although they can potentially access legal medicinal cannabis through a doctor. Researchers at Western Sydney University interviewed women with endometriosis in New Zealand and Australia, where 72% of those surveyed reported illicitly self-administering cannabis. Women have reported positive results using cannabis to manage the often painful condition, in which tissue similar to that lining the uterus grows beyond it, causing inflammation and scarring. It is estimated that one in nine Australians suffers from endometriosis. According to the study published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, only 23% of 186 Australian respondents had access to cannabis on prescription from a doctor. Medicinal cannabis was approved for use in Australia in 2016. The Therapeutic Goods Administration said the majority of patients seeking medicinal cannabis do so for pain management, but the evidence for many painful conditions is still limited. . The administration does not consider medical cannabis to be a “first-line treatment” for any disease, which means that other treatments should be considered first. Australian Natural Therapeutics Group scientific director and lead author Justin Sinclair said there was still a stigma around medical cannabis and he was concerned that people would use cannabis without medical supervision. “A number of factors including concerns about possible legal repercussions, the judgment of their doctor or the company, or the alleged refusal of their doctors to prescribe legal medicinal cannabis were the main reasons they did not. haven’t spoken to their doctor, ”Sinclair said. “Improving communication between physicians and patients on the use of medicinal cannabis can improve levels of medical surveillance, the preference for legal adoption of medicinal cannabis over acquisition through illicit procurement and reduce the associated stigma. to cannabis. Mr Sinclair said “on a positive note” that almost all Australian respondents said they would continue to use cannabis because it provided better pain relief than current treatments. Associated Australian Press



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