Will this state be the next to legalize medical marijuana?


Only a year or two ago, it would have been almost inconceivable to think that any part of the South – a region traditionally opposed to all type of marijuana law reform – reportedly even considered legalizing weed. But what a difference just a few months can make.

In this video, longtime Fool contributor Eric Volkman identifies a neighborhood state that appears ready and willing to legalize pot, at least to a limited extent. This Motley Fool Live conversation with the head of the health care and cannabis office, Corinne Cardina, was recorded on July 16.

Corinne Cardine: Let’s move south a bit, my home state, actually where I am now is my childhood room, North Carolina. Surprisingly – to me, at least – North Carolina has seen some development.

My question to you is: Could Tar Heel State be the next to switch to medical care?

Eric Volkman: If I were a punter, which I am not, but if I was, then yes I would place a pretty big bet on North Carolina.

The mere fact that they’ve gone this far, the legislation they’re currently working through the state legislative system, is the first proposition they’ve ever considered about marijuana. This in itself is a very encouraging sign.

They start slowly. Quite typical of the southern states – which have tended to be a bit more conservative over the years and a bit more hesitant to welcome the marijuana industry – they’re just considering going medical for now.

But even that is a big step forward, as southern states, including North Carolina, have long been reluctant to any form of legalization of marijuana. I am even talking about decriminalization. It wasn’t really a thing in this part of the country. The fact that they are even talking about legalizing any facet is a big step for this state.

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