Well-known black cannabis activist bringing new dispensary to SF

The name Amber Scent is familiar to anyone who follows the cannabis social and racial fairness movement. Senter helped the city of Oakland create its first country Cannabis equity program it has been a model for other cities and states across the country. She co-founded the EquityWorks! Incubator who helped open the Oakland Cannabis Kitchen, California’s first licensed, shared-use edible cannabis manufacturing facility. And she helped write the Statewide California Cannabis Social Fairness Act 2018.

And now she’s part of a team bringing a new dispensary to Bayview, as on Thursday night the SF Planning Commission approved a cannabis dispensary for a company called Bayview Ventures, of which Senter is the head of. operation.

“Our team is led by strong and experienced women of color with over 25 years of experience in the cannabis industry,” said Tiara Mitchell, CEO of Bayview Ventures, before the vote. “We also plan to have on our shelves a diverse inventory of certified stock trading products owned by Black, Brown and LGBTQ + companies. “

Senter also spoke briefly Tuesday night as COO, mostly in very technical language about the facility’s odor mitigation plan.

The site near Oakdale Avenue and Rankin Street is already a licensed cannabis distribution facility, meaning they have a license to transport and store cannabis before it is sold by retailers. And state law is pretty strict and requires a separate license to grow, sell, or store cannabis, and these things usually can’t be done under one roof. But state law also provides for a “microenterprise” designation, where small operators can engage in multiple forms of cannabis trade under one roof, and that will be one of them.

This appealed to the commissioners, who unanimously approved the dispensary. Commissioner Kathrin Moore hailed the proposed dispensary as an example of “what is really possible to create if we see this particular facility as an example of micro-enterprise and vertical integration”.

The opening schedule of the dispensary or its name is not clear. The request was from Bayview Ventures, and the current distribution facility is called Breeze Distro.

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