In 2018, Dr. Dre and Xzibit were sued by three anonymous people who claimed to have invested in the rappers’ cannabis company Brass Knuckles, but were then “ghosted”. While Dre was apparently busy making over 200 songs during the pandemic, the breach of contract lawsuit dragged on.

Now the case is finally closed, and it’s in favor of Dre and Xzibit. Dre and Xzibit’s attorney, Darren M. Richie, took to Instagram to celebrate the good news, posting a screenshot of TMZ original trial cover with a large red “X” on it.

“The truth will always prevail!” Wrote Richie in the caption. “Took about 4 years but defended @xzibit, and Al in this case and also sued their ass. Plaintiff took ZERO not a dime.” Richie described that the mistrial was to preserve the honor of his clients. “We will never back down from BS,” he continued. “People can say what they want, but make sure you stand up and stand up for what’s right!” Notice of settlement of the case is filed publicly! Naturally, Xzibit was also pleased with the result. He reposted Richie’s post and added, “Dude!! @dre_esquire_ you’re the fucking man. Thanks for rocking with us all the way. #Victory #MovingOn.”

The anonymous plaintiffs had argued that they had agreed to resell the 14.5% stake they held in Brass Knuckles to Dr Dre and Xzibit for $5 million, but when the rubber hit the road the two rappers were nowhere to be found. According to legal documents, Brass Knuckles was initially valued at $50 million, but it was later determined that he was actually worth $170 million after the anonymous people raised $5 million to buy their share. .