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QUEENSBURY — Robin Barkenhagen, owner of the Glens Falls 42 Degrees smoking paraphernalia store, has offered locations for a marijuana dispensary in Queensbury.

Barkenhagen told Queensbury City Council at a shop meeting that his investors at Colorado-based Cannabis Depot were most interested in the old Agway building on Route 9, not far from the Great Amusement Park. Escape.

“When my investors came here, I tried to show them properties in Glens Falls, but they kept pushing for Lake George,” Barkenhagen said at the meeting. “But they (Lake George) chose not to sell cannabis, so the Route 9 corridor was the best place for them.”

He said three properties were of interest to Cannabis Depot Lake George, including the Sweet Basil restaurant building currently for sale and the Olde Trading Post Saloon and Grill at the corner of Glen Lake Road and Route 9. However, the The former Agway property at 1071 Route 9 is the first choice for the proposed business.

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Barkenhagen said the property is ideal due to current commercial zoning and distance to local churches or schools.

Council members said the size of the building seemed a bit excessive, to which Barkenhagen replied that space would be needed not only for displays and front room controls, but also for a large rear area to house products, as well as a substantial break. room for employees.

Board member George Ferrone also expressed concerns about the Agway building’s proximity to local family attractions such as The Fun Spot, mini-golf locations and the amusement park down the road. .

Barkenhagen urged council to take its time, but not too long, to pass commercial zoning related to marijuana retail. He explained that the licenses would begin to be distributed next Thursday and that to apply for a license, the documents must indicate an approved site location.

“At first I reached out informally, but now is the critical moment,” he said. “The first 150 licenses will be distributed statewide next week, and when all is said and done, only 900 in total across New York. Not too many of those will likely be awarded to Queensbury.”

Queensbury supervisor John Strough assured him that the city was moving at an accelerated pace to approve zoning, but also needed to take the time to get it right.

“We’re learning,” Strough said. “The idea is that we will put a fast track on this, but we are still in the learning phases.

Barkenhagen also said The Post Star that he was also there to clarify some of the “information gaps” the city received at the last cannabis meeting.

Individuals cannot own a cultivation license and also be a partner in an LLC (limited liability company) linked to a dispensary, he told the board. The clarification that the dispensaries would not offer consumption on site was also made by Barkenhagen.

Following the company owner’s proposal, Nick Chiaravalle has presented his plans for a marijuana grow facility at 25 Native Road in Queensbury, part of the new Native Park near Carey Road, with five industrial buildings available at the lease.

Cannabis cultivation means any activity involving the propagation, planting, growing, harvesting, drying, curing, grading or pruning of cannabis.

Chiaravalle said it would be his first marijuana business, but assured the board that his team would take all necessary safety and sealing precautions.

The facility would include a large fence with 24/7 security cameras, as well as all gates requiring key cards. The company explained that HVAC filtration systems would be included in every room to ensure the air released from the building was odor-free.

Flowers and trimmings collected from the facility would be sent directly to dispensaries and manufacturers of cannabis products.

The City Council has not made any decisions regarding either presentation, as local and state regulations for recreational marijuana retail and cultivation have not been finalized.

Jana DeCamilla is a writer covering Moreau, Queensbury and Lake George. She can be reached at 518-742-3272 or [email protected]

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