The new social and professional network of Tether Bud-tenders


Have you been discouraged by cannabis industry regulations and information difficulties? Too bad, but Tether is here to help frontline cannabis professionals get the buzz from within to help the consumer and the industry together. Costs.

Each cannabis store relies on the expertise of its staff members who work behind the counters. These bud-tenders are passionate consumers and educators with a vast knowledge of both the ever-growing range of cannabis strains and products, as well as government regulations for this still-budding industry.

Tether is a new program for bud-tenders to share their stories and knowledge base.

It’s a professional social community, explained Danielle McKay, head of business marketing and public relations at Marigold PR, a cannabis-focused public relations company. This is an online membership space with periodic in-person events.

“We like to say that cannabis has come to us,” she said. “A few clients came in and we realized there was a really big need in the industry, and that’s really how Tether came to us. “

Marigold has another program called Canndora Club, which focuses on events for women working in the cannabis industry. Tether is based on this connection / collaboration model.

“We noticed that at many of the events we went to, retailers did not bring their staff. They weren’t inviting them to really be part of the community, ”she said.

“It was really interesting, because we were like, ‘Where are the bud-tenders? We want to connect with them. These are the people who have the most impact on customers. They are the ones who talk to people every day, who determine what they are looking for, what they need.

McKay said the certificate a person must have to sell cannabis provides minimal education.

“We wanted to create a space for bud-tenders to come together, meet and network, but more importantly, just to have fun and really bring that sense of community that is quite strong in the cannabis industry,” and invite the buds to join us.

It couldn’t be more welcome for cannabis growers, sellers and consumers, said Kieley Beaudry of St. Albert who, in addition to being president of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association, has partnered with Dustan McLean de Morinville to create Parkland Flower, a small micro-plant for culture.

She said bud-tenders are the first customer contact and the “bread and butter” of the industry, despite how they are left out when it comes to cannabis education.

“Getting information to them can be difficult due to the highly regulated industry in which we belong. For example, when we sell a product in the [Alberta Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis], we do not get the list of buyers of our product. I have no idea which retail stores have our product. It’s a way for buyers to find out more about different brands, local brands and get more information, ”she explained, adding that Tether is essential to help develop such new. industry, especially one with so many regulations and the like. requests.

“Every day is different and we face challenges that no other industry faces. We are in a very fast-paced sales environment, but we can’t operate the same way as other industries: we can’t do online sales, online marketing… we are very handcuffed when it comes to information. promotional, the dissemination of our brand. It is a very difficult market.

To help promote the new network, Parkland hosted a host of bud-tenders on Friday night. An official national launch of the program is planned for later this year.

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