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By SHERAH NDJONGO, The Tennessean

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Craft Cannabis founder Michael Solomon is expanding his legal cannabis empire with the addition of a soon-to-open restaurant.

Buds & Brews, an innovative Nashville-based restaurant, is set to open in the spring of 2022. Tennessee’s first cannabis bar and restaurant will have an American sports theme.

The restaurant will serve classic meals that can be enhanced with legal hemp-derived THC condiments that Solomon considers high-end.

“…our extraction process is solvent-free – as if it were freshly squeezed,” he said.

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But what does it taste like?

Using a coffee analogy, Solomon compares hemp to decaf and marijuana to its caffeinated counterpart. The condiments, which are manufactured and pre-sealed off-site, are designed to be mixed.

“We took the 25 most commonly used condiments and infused them all,” Solomon said.

Sweet treats and mocktails, like the popular smoky margarita, will also be available.


Solomon, who was born and raised in central Tennessee, started the cannabis business Craft Cannabis after his job took him to California, where he gained experience growing cannabis. There he worked alongside the Green Goddess Collective dispensary as a licensed medical producer.

In 2017, Solomon returned to the Volunteer State. The following year, the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was passed, allowing industrial hemp with a THC concentration of no more than 0.3% to classify as legal.

Craft Cannabis creates unique cannabis products within its network, operating with complete transparency that Solomon is proud of.

“We are a grower, manufacturer and retailer,” he said. “We grow hemp, we extract it and we sell it.”

In 2019, Craft Cannabis gave birth to the retail brand “The Holistic Connection”.

“We’ve grown over 1000% in 18 months,” Solomon added.

The Holistic Connection currently has brick-and-mortar stores in central Tennessee, with plans to expand in less than two years to 17 additional locations, including Atlanta, Chattanooga, Franklin, Knoxville, Lenox Village, Midtown, Nashville and Rivergate.


Solomon hopes to provide Nashville residents and tourists, experienced and new to cannabis, a safe and legal place to enjoy and experience different tastes.

Buds & Brews took about a year and a half to launch. Early in this process, Solomon and his business partners analyzed the constant demand for edibles, suspecting it would be an indicator of the restaurant’s success.

They can’t wait to find out this spring.

1246 3rd Ave. N., Nashville

American sports-themed cannabis bar and restaurant slated to open spring 2022

Info: https://www.budsandbrewsusa.com/

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