Suspected drug dealer throws kilos of pot out of window

A suspected British pot dealer attempted to throw her hiding place by throwing her out a window – where she landed right at the feet of cops standing in the street below, a savage video shows.

The footage, posted on Facebook Monday, shows smiling witnesses watching the shirtless suspect throw huge handfuls of marijuana on a canopy outside his window.

A huge pile of pot was also strewn across a sidewalk as two officers in Erdington, Birmingham watched the reefer madness unfold.

“Now that’s what you call a PAVEMENT… STONE,” reads a funny response from Facebook.

One commentator suggested the alleged dealer was just “spreading the love” before the holiday season.

“Dried Christmas tree, I think,” read another shot.

But West Midlands Police failed to see the humor in the dealer’s spectacular display and arrested the 34-year-old suspect in possession with intent to supply, the Birmingham Mail reported.

The shirtless suspect threw huge handfuls of marijuana on a canopy outside his window.
Birmz is Grime / SWNS
Officers watch a man throw drugs.
Two policemen watch the man throw a large amount of marijuana on the sidewalk.
Birmz is Grime / SWNS

“You are filmed doing it, so it’s pointless,” a cop told the dopey dealer at one point, a video shows.

Investigators then recovered 44 pounds of pot from inside the man’s apartment, along with 24 marijuana plants, nearly $ 8,000 in cash, a crossbow, three fake weapons and a large supply of oil. of suspected cannabis, police said.

“The man remains in custody as our investigation unfolds,” a West Midlands Police spokesperson told the Birmingham Mail.

Officers sweeping the bulk jar.
Officers sweep the pile of loose jars on the sidewalk.
Birmz is Grime / SWNS

The viral images had been viewed more than 42,000 times on Wednesday.

“Only in Birmingham” read the caption.

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