Study Explores Science Behind Cannabis Drugs In Pediatric Epilepsies



Following media reports that children with epilepsy have benefited from medical marijuana (or medical cannabis products) available abroad, the UK government has allowed clinicians to prescribe these products.

A review published in Childhood developmental medicine and neurology explores the science behind cannabis-based drugs in pediatric epilepsies and highlights areas that warrant further research.

The authors also examined the prescribing environment surrounding these products. They found that the lack of quality evidence for efficacy and safety is the main obstacle to prescribing.

They stress that unauthorized cannabis-based drugs should not circumvent usual regulatory requirements before being prescribed. And they fear that children with epilepsy could be used as a “Trojan horse” for the cannabis industry, with the widespread acceptance of medicinal cannabis accelerating the wider legalization of marijuana and opening up a very lucrative commercial market.


Journal reference:

Kirkpatrick, M&O ‘Callaghan, F., (2021) Epilepsy and Cannabis: So Close, But So Far. Childhood developmental medicine and neurology.


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