STIIIZY, California’s First Cannabis Retail Brand, Opens New Store in Benicia, With Community Art Gallery



BENICIA, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – STIIIZY Benicia will open its doors on Saturday, September 25 with an inauguration ceremony featuring Mayor Steve Young and other city officials. The 10th Shryne Group store in Northern California and the 14th STIIIZY store in the entire portfolio, STIIIZY Benicia will create more than 39 jobs in the region and mark a new era where cities recognize the transformative potential of cannabis and work in working with cannabis companies to have a positive impact. the community.

As part of this commitment to the city, STIIIZY Benicia will provide safe and quality access to several beloved cannabis brands, including STIIIZY, the # 1 selling brand in California, according to a recent BDSA report. STIIZY now includes the BLESSED by STIIZY whose profits will be donated to the STIIZY community donation program.

The retail space will include a 600 square foot art gallery, featuring an exhibition of Arts Benicia Presents works by artists with studios located in the historic Arsenal district of Benicia, including Paula Boas, Laura Garcia, Joe Garcia, Susan Marcus Sachs and Randall Sextona. Arts Benicia is committed to operating with an awareness of the complex inequalities that exist in society and in the local region due to the long-term effects of legacies and historical practices on opportunities, access and resources for people of color as well as for people in marginalized groups.

“STIIIZY Benicia is one of our most exciting new locations, not only because we know we serve a population where many of our clients reside, but also because of the wonderful partnership we have with Arts Benicia and the government of the city, â€Shryne said. Group CEO Jon Avidor. “We believe that cannabis has the power to bring people together in a very positive way, so we are delighted that Benicia allows us to be part of an already strong local community.”

“The town of Benicia has been working diligently for many years to introduce a cannabis retail store in our community, and this week we are delighted to celebrate the opening of STIIIZY Benicia, a point of sale of the Shryne Group” , said the mayor of Benicia, Steve. Young. “STIIIZY represents the best of the cannabis industry and on Saturday September 25th they open their doors to the public and call Benicia their new home.”

STIIIZY Benicia (State License Number: C10-0000879-LIC) is located at 160 E. N Street, Benicia, and will open for its first day of operation on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at 10 a.m.

About Shryne Group Inc.

Shryne Group Inc. is a Los Angeles-based cannabis holding company with a vertically integrated portfolio of assets and licenses spanning the span of California, the world’s largest legal cannabis market. We have 18 outlets open across California with five more sites under construction and plans for more than 40 sites to open by the end of 2022. We have growing, manufacturing and distribution facilities in County of Humboldt, Los Angeles, Oakland and Lompoc. Shryne is made up of 2,200 employees across all lines of business. Although rooted in California, we also sell products in Arizona, Nevada and Michigan.

Our flagship brand STIIIZY has a passionate following and is inspired by authentic cannabis cultivation, with the goal of providing the highest quality cannabis products at affordable prices. The STIIIZY product line is the best-selling brand of vape nationwide, the top-selling cannabis brand in California, and the top-selling cannabis brand nationally.

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