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Nathan Daniel Perkins

Six of nine suspects in a burglary ring targeting southern Oregon pot growers are set to stand trial in February

Portland man has pleaded guilty to his role in a 2019 home break-in outside of Eagle Point, which was part of a series of heists targeting marijuana growers in southern Oregon .

Nathan Daniel Perkins, 38, pleaded guilty on Monday to robbery and possession of a firearm in a felony prosecution in U.S. District Court in Medford, admitting he was involved in a theft Eagle Point Marijuana Growers Nov 2, 2019 in which around 35 pounds of marijuana were reported stolen before Perkins led police in a high-speed chase that spanned two counties, according to a plea agreement signed by Perkins in the case.

Perkins admitted Monday that he and another suspect, Julia Marie MacLennan, entered a house on the 2700 block of Alta Vista Road before dawn shouting “Police search warrant!” “

Two victims were handcuffed and ordered, at gunpoint, to lie face down on the ground with their hands behind their backs.

In addition to the cannabis, the thieves left the property with other valuables, including at least a phone and a new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV, according to the plea deal.

Police spotted the stolen Tiguan on the day of the heist while driving “in tandem” with a rented white 2012 BMW 3 Series sedan that Perkins was driving.

The BMW initially escaped police, but a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputy caught up with the car in Douglas County, near Azalea, according to reports at the time.

The deputy followed Perkins in the BMW for another 20 miles before local law enforcement stopped the car with spiked tapes, according to earlier news reports.

Perkins had the keys to the handcuffs used in the theft in his pockets at the time of his arrest, according to the plea agreement. Perkins told police another suspect in the case picked him up in the Portland metro area near Gresham and “took him to southern Oregon to commit the theft,” according to a deal. advocacy.

Inside the BMW, investigators found masks, zip ties, handcuffs, tactical vests, a 12 gauge Iver Johnson shotgun and a .40 gauge Glock handgun.

The sedan was leased by alleged leader Shannon Christopher Harrop, who federal prosecutors say is linked to at least four thefts in marijuana operations in Jackson and Josephine counties between September 2019 and April 2020, and is accused of planning a robbery with undercover ATF agents, according to earlier reports. Harrop reportedly called his scheme in which thieves pretended to be cops “The Boys.”

Perkins is expected to be sentenced on February 22. He is the second of nine suspects to plead guilty in this case.

Suspect Julius Diablo Franklin, 42, was sentenced in October to five years for his acknowledged role in the burglary ring.

A third suspect, Delander Edward Moore, is expected to change his plea on Wednesday.

Harrop, MacLennan and four other suspects – identified as Rashad Makkel Austin, Derrick Franklin, William Earl Pardue and Michael Joseph Manring – are due to stand trial together on February 1.

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