Pine Ridge marijuana dispensary says its buyers are mostly from off-reservation

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) — Currently, recreational cannabis is illegal in South Dakota, but that’s not stopping some people from heading to the No Worries marijuana store in Pine Ridge.

Adonis Saltes, owner of the No Worries dispensary, said more than half of the customers who visit his store are from out of town. He adds that they come mainly from Rapid City, Chadron, Hot Springs and Gordon. Some even make the trip to Pine Ridge from Sioux Falls.

The increase in visitors is not only good for his store, but he says it also helps local stores thrive on the reserve.

“They’re stopping at our restaurants to eat and they’re stopping at our grocery stores to get groceries, so that’s definitely had a pretty big economic impact,” Saltes said.

Along with his shop profiting from legal sales on the Pine Ridge reservation, he wants to lead by example and encourage people to stop buying from illegal vendors.

“That’s our number one goal, to make sure we’re giving people a safe product that doesn’t contain anything,” Saltes said.

According campustimes.orgIf you’re considering buying marijuana, make sure it’s from a licensed cannabis dispensary so you don’t run the risk of getting a dangerous product.

While recreational cannabis is illegal in South Dakota, a proposal for statewide legalization is expected to appear on the ballot in November.

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