Nominations start July 17 in search of Downriver’s top companies – The News Herald

The News-Herald’s Readers’ Choice contest is back for the third consecutive year, with some new categories and all the same features that make it popular among Downriver businesses and their customers.

For many years, the Best of the Best contest was a favorite with News-Herald readers, showing what companies had to offer in dining, shopping, travel, entertainment and services.

But the competition fell by the wayside, disappearing for more than two decades until it was revived in 2020.

With such a long span of time, would readers even remember it?

While it’s impossible to know for certain whether it was long-time readers who remembered the contest or new ones who were first introduced to it and embraced the idea, that cannot be disputed. , it is its immediate success.

“Everyone downline has been really supportive of this thing,” said Chad Hughes, sales manager for The News-Herald. “It’s a pride.”

In most cases, people have a wide range of choices when purchasing products or services. But when it comes to trying a business for the first time, most don’t want to risk it. They want to patronize a business recommended by other customers, people who give that business a big thumbs up.

This is what this competition is aiming for, by giving the floor to readers and then highlighting their favorite companies.

The competition takes place in three rounds, starting with the nominations. From July 17-31, readers can choose their favorite Downriver businesses, nominating them in as many categories as apply.

Readers can name and vote for their favorites later by visiting

Entries can also be sent by post.

With recent changes in Michigan that have ushered in new types of businesses, The News-Herald has added new categories.

Voters will find Best CBD Store and Best Cannabis Store as options to vote for favorites in this industry.

They’ll also find all the familiar categories from the past two years, including opportunities to name a favorite restaurant, grocery store, pet store, car dealership, health club or gym, hair salon, and more. others.

If the last two years are any indication, we can expect around 200,000 votes to come in, between newspapers and online ballots.

“Voters continue to participate in our Best of the Best contest,” Hughes said. “They want their voice to be heard.”

The top five entries from each category will be elected in the second round, which will run from August 17-31.

The top three in each category will be announced on September 25.

Winners receive a Best of the Best Readers Choice Award digital file to add to their websites and social media pages, as well as 2022 winners logo window stickers to display in their establishments.

Each winner also receives a “gift bag” which contains a variety of goodies from The News-Herald.

Hughes said one of the best features of the competition is that all winners will appear in a large special Best of the Best edition of the News-Herald this fall.

Once the competition is over and the final tallies reveal who is the best of the best for 2022, all will be recognized in this magazine size, or tabloid edition, of The News-Herald on September 25.

“It’s a way for The News-Herald to really help support local businesses – recognizing how good they are at what they do and letting readers and the rest of the Downriver community know how much they’re appreciated,” Hughes said. “Sometimes these businesses can get lost in the mess or be overshadowed by big box stores or ‘chain’ operations. My team and I work directly with these great men and women business owners, and I love that we give local businesses a real platform to show that they are the best of the best.

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