MPs arrest 2 people at cannabis cultivation site and hash oil lab in Bonsall


Sheriff’s deputies arrested two people and seized hundreds of pounds of cannabis and cannabis products on Thursday during a raid on an allegedly illegal cultivation operation in Bonsall.

According to Deputy Lester Garman, deputies from the Fallbrook Crime Team and detectives from the Ministry’s Marijuana Team served the search warrant around 7 a.m. on the North River property. Road, a little west of national road 76.

Sheriff’s staff arrested the two suspects on felony charges related to an active investigation of the culture site and jailed them in the county jail. Their names were not disclosed.

MPs also seized 550 pounds of processed cannabis, 11 pounds of concentrated cannabis and 17 pounds of THC-infused edibles, Garman said. Investigators also seized more than 200 fentanyl pills, 40 ecstasy pills, $ 7,128 in cash and three firearms, one of which was reported stolen.

Authorities also found a lab of butane hash oil and “a lot of hazardous materials,” which were recovered by hazardous materials crews.

Hash oil – also known as honey oil and often consumed in electronic cigarettes and cannabis edibles such as cookies – is extracted from marijuana plants using butane. The highly flammable gas makes the process dangerous, authorities say.

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