Mississippi is on track to have the medical marijuana industry up and running by the end of the year

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – By the end of 2022, medical marijuana should be available to patients in Mississippi. That’s the optimistic projection of Ken Newburger, executive director of the Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association.

Newburger joined David Elliott on WLOX News This Week to give an update on how the establishment of this new industry is going in the state. He was pleased to report that things were progressing quite well in Mississippi, especially compared to other states.

“Most states, when programs like this open up, have a very adversarial approach to the cannabis industry. Our state has been very helpful,” Newburger said. the Department of Health, the Department of Revenue and the industry as a whole.”

He said most dispensary applicants get a license. And those who aren’t aren’t yet law abiding.

“The Department of Health and the Department of Revenue have been very clear about ‘here’s your shortcomings in what you do, and here’s how to fix them.’ compliant and legal, which is really refreshing to see.

Newburger said just over 100 medical marijuana dispensaries had been licensed statewide as of mid-August. Locations are primarily in the major population centers of Jackson, Coast, Meridian, Tupelo, and DeSoto County. Most grow ops are popping up near Jackson, Hattiesburg, and the northeast part of the state.

“I think we’ll see people buying in late November, early December,” Newburger said. “I was a little optimistic about it for a while, but I think with the state of testing in Mississippi, it won’t be until November or December.”

Watch Ken Newburger’s full conversation with David Elliott in this segment of WLOX News This Week.

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