Letter to the Editor: Federal Legalization Could Dispel Haze Over Cannabis Laws, Safety | Letters


I see that we have a cannabis doctor and a dispensary in town and most Americans now consider cannabis use to be acceptable for medical and recreational purposes. You’d expect federal legalization and regulation to follow suit, right?

We need the federal government to step up its efforts to ensure that public health and safety are adequately and fairly protected. As it stands now, with each state having its own regulations and laws regarding legalization, we end up with a system made up of a patchwork of very diverse policies.

Federal laws and regulations should govern the quality and safety of cannabis, regardless of where it is produced or consumed, erect barriers to the use of cannabis by underage Americans, and address public safety issues such as driving under the influence. .

We do it with alcohol and tobacco, ensuring that safety and products are of consistent quality wherever you are in the United States, and taxing them in a reasonable manner to fund vital public programs.

The senses. Sinema and Kelly from Arizona are expected to take an active role and help their colleagues refine the Cannabis Opportunities and Administration Bill. This is a solid foundation for bringing order to the current lack of consistency in state-by-state cannabis regulation.

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