Lamar Odom Becomes Co-Owner of Indianapolis CBD Company – Indianapolis Business Journal

Lamar Odom won NBA titles as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009 and 2010. (Photo courtesy of Entertainment Junction)

Former NBA player Lamar Odom is the new co-owner of Higher Life CBD Dispensary, an Indianapolis company that sells cannabidiol products online and in a downtown store.

Odom told the IBJ he was researching CBD options when his management was contacted by Higher Life founder Brandon Howard, who founded his store at 901 N. Pennsylvania St. in 2018.

“I’ve played in 14 NBA seasons, so every once in a while one of those lingering issues comes up,” Odom said. “I wondered how I could treat myself. I thought CBD would be a great deal for me.

Howard said he frequently tries to connect with celebrities for potential partnerships in the CBD industry, an area where a hemp-derived compound is marketed as an aid to reduce anxiety and improve sleep routines. .

Higher Life products have not been designated by the United States Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective. The company does not claim that its products treat or prevent any diseases or medical conditions.

Odom, who won two NBA titles as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, has his name and likeness attached to seven Higher Life products, including a “sports tincture.”

Containing TCHV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, the sports tincture is sold in 4,000-milligram bottles for $100 each. The product is ingested using a graduated dropper under the tongue.

Odom said he thinks the sports tincture reduces inflammation and increases energy.

“It definitely works,” Odom said. “It takes about 15 minutes. It absorbs and gives pep to your approach.

In 2017, Odom told US Weekly magazine that drug use had killed his will to train and get fit. Two years earlier, he had been found unconscious with cocaine in his system at a brothel in Nevada.

He completed rehab in 2017. He also teamed up this month with cannabis company Flight Path in California, where he lives and where marijuana use is legal.

Odom said he uses cannabis to keep him away from “the stronger things”.

“Everyone’s path to sobriety is different,” he said. “We haven’t all had the same turn with our struggles. For me, personally, it helps.

In Indiana and at the federal level, marijuana remains illegal and is listed as a Schedule I drug, a level reserved for drugs with high potential for abuse and no medical benefit, according to the United States Drug Enforcement Administration.

Howard said he founded Higher Life as a lifestyle brand to help customers achieve optimal mental and bodily function.

After investing in Higher Life this month, Odom became co-owner of the company with Howard.

“We’re going to change the market,” said Odom, who expressed his intention to speak with Howard daily. “I will try to stay involved as much as possible.”

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