It’s on! The list of the most pot-friendly cities ranks Portland “high”

Portland rated ‘high’ on 2022 list of top pot-friendly places for smokers

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Just 10 years ago, weed lovers looking to smoke cannabis legally would have been out of luck unless they booked a trip to Amsterdam.

However, since Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012, the so-called “green rush” for legal weed has grown – with nearly 30% of States now offering pot lovers a legal place to puff in peace.

With recreational cannabis now greenlit in 18 states, it seems there are more options than ever for stoners to settle down. However, a new list of “Best Weed Towns in America” ​​suggests that not all kush is created equal.

While Portland wasn’t quite primo, the city was rated the second best place to live for weed lovers by Real Estate Witch.

Second only to Denver as the best city for stoners, the list showed that Portland also had the second most dispensaries and the second most affordable weed price.

Jarthe landers have long embraced this natural ingredient, but the smoke-filled dens have given way to dispensaries that look more like posh botanic shops,” the listing reads. “With 7.9 dispensaries per 100,000 people, Portland has the second most dispensaries of any city.”

According to the research, the city of Roses has 40% more dispensaries and major stores than other cities listed in the top 15 metros, which “won’t kill your buzz.”

To determine the best weed-friendly cities, the company said it used 2022 data to analyze marijuana laws, number of dispensaries, price of pots and product variety.

“Americans are consuming more cannabis than ever before, and tourists are flocking to mature and emerging markets for weed-infused experiences,” the article states. “To determine the best cities for stoners, we analyzed publicly available data from the US Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Google Trends, Price of Weed, DISA Global Solutions and Yelp.”

Additionally, the researchers considered criteria for growing cannabis, such as access to local hiking sites, music venues, festivals, and, of course, fast food.

According to the list, culture and access are some of the main reasons Portland has been ranked so highly.

“Despite the candle weed scene, posh pot in Portland is actually 30% cheaper than the national average ($318) at $213 an ounce, and residents only spend 2.6% of their income Marijuana Annual,” Real Estate Witch said. “At these prices, canna tourists can afford a dope experience like the Potlandia Experience sightseeing bus or the trippy 420 Smokus Pocus magic show.”

Denver better watch out; as the cannabis craze continues to grow, so does Portland’s unique pot culture.

While the city hasn’t been the friendliest at 420 this year, second place isn’t a consolation prize, especially if it means Portlanders have access to some of the most affordable pot prizes right now. from the country.

To see Real Estate Witch’s full list of the best weed towns in the US, click here.

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