Illegal cannabis store raided in Brooklyn

The New York Sheriff’s Department raided a Brooklyn smokehouse accused of illegally selling marijuana.

FOX 5 NY visited the store less than a month ago, where workers said they had nothing to hide.

Big Chief, which was located at 4th Avenue and 74th Street in Bay Ridge, was raided by the New York Sheriff’s Department, which made two arrests and seized boxes and bags of evidence.

“It’s a danger to the community,” New York Sheriff Anthony Miranda said. “When you start selling these products, selling around kids and other people, nobody wants that in their neighborhood.”

A year ago, New York decriminalized recreational marijuana and put licensing rules in place for retail, but around this time, despite warnings, weed shops like Big Chief popped up all over town, jumping the gun on retail sales.

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Brooklyn City Councilman Justin Brennan said while he supports legalization, stores like Big Chief that sell untested and illegal products without a license should be shut down.

Last month, the state’s Office of Cannabis Management told FOX 5 NY that smokehouses and weed shops that skip retail marijuana sales won’t get licenses.

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