House Bill 3000 Passes Oregon Law To Help Law Enforcement Tackle Illegal Cannabis Operations



SALEM, Ore – On Saturday, the legislature passed HB 3000, a bill that Representative Lily Morgan (R-Grants Pass) said will provide better protections for miners and communities linked to more hemp products. harmful substances containing THC.

“For my community, House Bill 3000 is more than a lifeline,” said Representative Morgan. “For us, this is an opportunity for us to take back control of our community, freeing citizens from fear of safety and deteriorating quality of life.”

According to Representative Morgan, the legislation was created with input from several resources, including legal producers and law enforcement, to better protect communities, especially in southern Oregon.

Some of the impacts the bill will have, if finally approved, will be to immediately ban the sale of hemp products containing THC to minors, allow the OLLC and ODA to set THC concentration limits for commercial hemp products ODA regulatory authority to allow all manufacturers of hemp products includes provisions for ODA to have a state plan on hemp to be submitted to the USDA to enable the ODA to effectively regulate the production and manufacture of hemp in the state and to support the enforcement of illegal cannabis operations.

Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler last week said illegal cannabis operations, mostly marijuana, were booming in Jackson County and more resources were needed to bring such operations to a halt. illegal.

The bill is now heading to Governor Brown’s office for his signature.


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