Hometown Alaska: What’s up 7 years after voters said yes to legal marijuana

A healthy cannabis plant. From Wikimedia Commons, Cannabis Training University, [File:Cannabis Plant.jpg|Cannabis_Plant]

So here’s something new: This fall, UAA, our hometown college campus, is offering its first marijuana information class, open to students and community members. How and why did the university decide the time was right to bring this topic to campus? We are going to meet the professor who managed to make the case. She will organize the course, using local subject matter experts to do the teaching.

We will also meet a regulator, the new director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO). We’ll learn how much money the industry brings in to the state and what some of the regulatory challenges are. Fact: This office regulates approximately 2,000 alcohol licensees and between 400 and 500 marijuana licensees.

And we’ll visit a vertically integrated cannabis company called Secret Garden. There, a local Anchorage workforce of more than 40 people grows and harvests plants, makes products like edibles and oil-filled canisters, and runs a busy retail store that opened seven days out of seven.

HOST: Kathleen McCoy


  • Riza BrownAssistant Professor in the UAA Culinary Arts Program
  • Joan WilsonDirector, Office of Alcohol and Marijuana Control
  • James Thortonteam leader and owner of cannabis company Secret Garden


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  • Marijuana and Alcohol Control Office (AMCO), State of Alaska website
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