Georgia police who raided store and took $30,000 in THC products ordered it returned: report

Georgia police reportedly returned $30,000 of THC products seized from a store after a judge ruled the seizure did not comply with the law.

According to a reportSahlil Kumar’s store in Madison County was raided, and Kumar said products were taken from his shelves and money from his cash register.

These products, however, are known as delta-8 CBD products and, like marijuana, they contain THC. But that’s a very small amount of THC – less than 0.3% to be exact. And, according to reports, it’s not against the law in Georgia. It turns out that the State of Fisheries passed a law in 2019 to legalize hemp. But, according to reports, it was a general law and the police responded with raids on local shops.

Kumar was not the owner of the shop to be looted because he had hired a lawyer. And his lawyer, Devn Rafus, proved that the products he was selling were legal. In Georgia, delta-8 and delta-10 products, both containing small amounts of THC, are legal for sale. Delta-9 products are illegal for sale.

This seems to be at the heart of the police confusion.

“All they have to do is get a Georgia lawmaker to write into law that delta-8 is illegal,” Rafus said in the report. Until then, it can be sold. It can be used by individuals in Georgia.

But that day won’t come until something you rarely see – police handing out THC products to resell to the public – happens.

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