Futuristic Perpetual Cannabis Harvest Facility Chooses Revolution Micro’s Programmable Spectrum LED for $ 40 Million Facility


ATLANTA, July 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The past decade has seen massive changes in the cannabis industry, with legalizations shifting the trade from small crops to large-scale international companies. Massachusetts cannabis company Green Care Collective has assembled a team of international cannabis experts to build the next evolution in cannabis cultivation; a perpetual harvest facility with all the latest advancements in horticultural science.

The futuristic facility has such an efficient perpetual harvest methodology that it produces an entire additional crop of meticulously crafted cannabis each year. The facility begins with the propagation of tissue culture in-house, and its streamlined workflow moves plants to highly efficient mobile tables. An on-demand fertigation system artfully manages several different strains with twenty-four zones per room, giving precise and personalized dosages of essential nutrients to produce high-end, flavorful and potent cannabis. This high-efficiency, energy-efficient facility advances the next wave of sustainable cultivation.

Lighting is another important feature of higher-level cannabis cultivation, and the experts at Green Care Collective have selected the Avici 1150w LED from Revolution Micro for their state-of-the-art installation. The LED has a high light output and a fully programmable spectrum, which allows horticulturalists to focus on the specific phytochemical development they are growing for, increase yield, increase terpene development and create new flavors. and exciting effects in their cannabis plants. Unlike most LEDs, the Avici 1150w is brighter than a traditional HPS, which made the switch from mercury bulbs to eco-friendly LEDs not only an ethical option; but profitable.

Brian Hurley, founder of the company, said of Avici:

“After over a year of R&D to make Avici work side-by-side with four other top-selling 1000-watt HPS lamps in a controlled environment, we found that Avici’s controllability, spectrum, and output produced returns. higher and a higher quality end product. all other lights we tested. “

As the cannabis industry continues to mature, it is clear that horticultural science and sustainable practices will be taken to a new level, an advancement that everyone can benefit from.

Learn more about the establishment on https://greencarecollective.com

Or about programmable spectrum lighting at https://revolutionmicro.com

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