Former NFL star Calvin Johnson celebrates herbal medicine in Hall of Fame speech



“It’s time we recognized the potential of herbal medicines, herbal medicines, to help and improve the mental health and quality of life of so many people. ”

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Former National Football League (NFL) star wide receiver Calvin Johnson was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame last weekend and used part of his speech to advocate for medicine at herbal.

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Johnson retired from football at the age of 30, in what should have been his best years, but revealed on Sunday that he had played most of his career in pain. After injuring his back in his rookie season, Johnson said he believes his career may be over.

“The pain was so intense that I was taking everything I could just to manage the pain and be able to play” Johnson said. “The pain started to take a toll on my body and my quality of life, and it didn’t improve. “

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    How this former NFL linebacker became a leading cannabis physician for athletes

  2. Calvin Johnson, who retired from football in 2016 at age 30, will be inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame alongside Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, John Lynch and other members of the 2021 class. PHOTO BY GREGORY SHAMUS / GETTY IMAGES

    Calvin Johnson is heading to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and cannabis helped him get there

  3. Calvin Johnson retired in 2016, but was known as one of the NFL's greatest receivers.  He was No. 81 of the Detroit Lions when he played.

    NFL legend Calvin Johnson says he used cannabis after every game for pain relief

In retirement, alongside his former teammate Rob Sims, Johnson started Primitiv, a cannabis company “dedicated to the advancement of cannabis as a form of high wellness.”

Johnson has previously said he uses cannabis after every game as a form of pain management.

“When I arrived in the league, [there] was opioid abuse, â€he said. Illustrated sports in 2019. “You could really go into the gym and get what you wanted. I can have Vicodin, I can have Oxy[contin]. It was too available. I used Percocet and stuff like that. And I didn’t like the way I felt. I had my favorite choice of medicine. Cannabis.”

Primitiv is in partnership with the Medical Cannabis Institute at Harvard University and the company strives to “expand research and disseminate information on the health benefits of cannabis on a wide range of medical conditions, including pain. chronic, CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and cancer treatments. . “

During his speech, Johnson said his sporting legacy had solidified, but that “the legacy of his life is still being written.”

“For me, this heritage improves the quality of life for athletes and others. For those who suffer in silence and live in pain, for those who feel there is no hope for better days, with my partnerships I am committed to helping people improve their well-being “, did he declare.

“For the NFL, college football, and all major sports, including the Olympics, it’s time we recognized the potential of herbal medicines, herbal remedies, to help and improve the mental health and quality of life of so many. people, â€he continued.

The NFL relaxed its cannabis policies last year, and in February, the NFL Players Association Pain Management Committee released a request for more information regarding pain management alternatives to opioids, including CBD.

“These plants, which are primitive in nature, offer an alternative to their destructive counterparts, the opioids,” Johnson added.

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