Edens Plaza Pottery Store Permit Plan Passes to Wilmette Village Council


WILMETTE, IL – Village administrators paved the way for a cannabis retailer to seek permission to operate a pottery store in Edens Plaza.

Wilmette village council voted 5-1 on Tuesday to change the village code to allow a single cannabis dispensary in the mall zoning district. All of the administrators voted in favor of the ordinance, while village president Senta Plunkett voted against.

Village director Mike Braiman said the ordinance would allow cannabis dispensaries for special use with a series of regulations discussed by the council’s land use committee and previously approved in principle by the council of the town.

“This doesn’t mean that there is going to be a dispensary opening in Wilmette soon,” Braiman said. “There would still need to be a rental agreement between the distribution company and the owners of Edens Plaza, then they would have to request special use, which should then go to the zoning appeal board, and then to the village board. for public feedback and approval. ”

No member of the public discussed the matter at Tuesday’s board meeting, but four residents submitted emails supporting the ordinance.

“We do not plan to use the facility ourselves, but we believe it is important as an additional source of income for the village,” wrote a couple from Sheridan Road, “we are currently authorizing the sale of tobacco and alcohol products in the village, and products for the recreational and medicinal use of cannabis should also be allowed to be sold. “

Prior to the legalization of recreational weed in January 2020 in Illinois, the village council voted to impose a moratorium on all cannabis businesses in the city.

In July 2020, the village council placed a referendum on the ballot asking voters: “Will the retail sale of recreational cannabis for adult use be permitted in the village of Wilmette at a business licensed by the?” State of Illinois? ”

And on Nov. 3, voters in the village voted 9,681 to 7,585 – or 56% to 43% – in favor of the issue, according to the Cook County Clerk’s Office.

In February, the village council referred the matter to its land use committee, which discussed the matter in February and June and determined that Edens Plaza was the only zoning district suitable to allow pot stores. potentials. In July, directors held an informal vote directing staff to draft the order.

“This evening is the culmination of two years of a very thoughtful and methodical approach on the part of the village council to study this issue from various angles and solicit as many comments as possible from the community and help formulate the council’s decision. “Braiman said on Tuesday.

Since legalization, new cannabis dispensaries have opened in the nearby towns of Northbrook and Skokie, while the existing Evanston medical dispensary is expanding. If another operator decides to open in Wilmette – and the revenue per location is not diluted when more licenses are issued – the village could expect to receive around $ 50,000 per month in tax revenue once it does. will be operational.

State cannabis regulators have held lotteries to award new lotteries, but a Cook County judge assessing a court challenge to the state’s licensing regime suspended the actual issuance of licenses.

Plunkett stressed that any future special use permit applications will be subject to further review and require board approval. After discussing the matter at length in previous meetings, no trustee commented on the order until the final vote.

“Have we eliminated that in the last couple of years, probably as much as possible until we one day get a business for special use?” Said Plunkett. “I feel a deal on this.”


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