Driver pulled over for talking on cell phone found with bags of weed and cash

Need for weed: The cannabis found in the man’s car was for supply and not for his own use. Photo / 123RF

A convicted drug dealer arrested by police for talking on his mobile phone while driving, was also found with “more weed than he needed”.

Despite his lawyer’s arguments that the 172 grams of cannabis contained in four snap-close bags were for his personal use, Ryan Mills was convicted on the charge he admitted: possession of cannabis plant at supply purposes.

The cannabis, plus $865 in cash and a scale were found when police arrested Mills after he was spotted driving while talking on the phone in February this year.

Lawyer Lucy Patchett said police assumed Mills was selling the cannabis by the way it was packaged, but “he didn’t commit to selling it.”

The police prosecutor told Nelson District Court today of Mills’ ‘significant story’, including a 2015 conviction for possession and sale of methamphetamine, suggesting otherwise.

Police said community detention was the appropriate outcome for the cannabis charge, along with forfeiture of the cash.

Judge Tony Zohrab said during Mills’ sentencing that although there was a suggestion that there was no commercial aspect to the drugs and paraphernalia found, Mills “had more weed than he had. didn’t need it,” so he started selling it.

He noted Mills’ prior convictions for possession of LSD and methamphetamine for supply purposes.

Mills, who also admitted a bail breach charge, was sentenced to six months in community custody and 100 hours of community service, plus 12 months of supervision and ordered to attend counseling and rehabilitation programs. alcohol and drugs as directed.

Judge Zohrab also issued an order for the destruction of drug paraphernalia and cash, and issued a final warning about drug trafficking.

“Not so long ago you would have been sentenced to prison, but I don’t see the point in doing so, given the content of the (face-to-face) report,” Judge Zohrab said.

Judge Zohrab noted in the context of his previous offense that this was a “modest operation”.

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