Delano City Council discusses amendment to ordinance banning cannabis trade


Although sales of recreational cannabis are legal in California, it is banned in most of Kern County, including Delano, the city council reconsidered the rule on Monday evening.

“We know it’s trafficked in our community on both sides of town, it just allows us to put up a sign with a green cross that says, ‘buy it now, buy it here “Said a member of the audience.

Mayor Bryan Osorio has asked for a new ordinance to replace the one currently banning the trade in cannabis of all kinds (since 2017), but this request has been met with mixed reviews from the public.

“I have investigated legal marijuana plantations in the mountains and at the bottom of the valley, I have also investigated indoor plantations in houses, tall buildings and legal dispensaries,” said Nelson Diaz, investigator of the Kern County District Attorney’s Office.

Meanwhile, Diaz has voiced his opposition to the order, as he said it was associated with criminal activity.

“Some things that made the news in the town of Bakersfield that I hope I don’t see in the town of Delano: On April 6, 2021, a man shot and wounded outside an illegal marijuana dispensary just two months ago in October 2021, one injured two others injured in the robbery of a marijuana store in Oildale, ”said Diaz.

While some residents of Delano agreed, others pointed out that the headlines mentioned were irrelevant to the legalized cannabis trade. Josh Black, COO of cannabis company Element 7 assured Diaz that legalized cannabis companies like his are heavily controlled by government authorities.

“Look, Officer Diaz, and people like him are doing an amazing job,” Black said. “I strongly support many of his views, but many of those views are those of an illegal, illegal and untaxed business.”

Some public commentators have also said the tax revenue from cannabis sales could benefit the city.

“Other cities in California are doing it and reimagining what public funding looks like. And through a participatory process, where all members of the community could participate in where the funding goes to shape an equitable community, ”said a member of the audience.

The council was supposed to discuss the actual implementation of cannabis in the community, including locations (keeping the distance to K-12 schools in mind), if the city would require permits to conditional use and the exact number of businesses it would authorize if a new measure replaced that ban. They also reportedly discussed the possibility of a cannabis tax.

However, the Council had to adjourn its meeting earlier due to technical issues. 23ABC will continue to monitor this and provide an update as soon as information reaches our newsroom.


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