CT nominates cannabis retailers and micro-grower candidates to move forward in licensing process

The state Department of Consumer Protection also identified the two micro-cultivator applicants so far approved for Equity Status, and the three Equity Joint Venture applicants who have also been given the green light by the Board. of state social equity to move forward in the licensing process. The council is responsible for ensuring that equity applicants for licenses meet income, residency and property requirements.

As is the case with other approved candidates identified by the state thus far, the individuals behind these latest ventures include in-state and out-of-state residents, as well as equity seekers and wealthy donors. Connecticut’s Adult Cannabis Use Act, passed in 2021, allows equity seekers to partner with funders if the business is at least 65% owned by an equity seeker .

The resellers are:

., which lists a business address in Hartford. Jocelyn Cerda, of Hartford, and Kepal Patel, of Columbia, Mo., as directors.

Botanic Jac LLC, which lists a business address in New London. Waterford developer Jon Hendel is listed as the lead.

Chillax LLC, which lists a business address in Somerset, NJ Niralee Modi, of Somerset, is listed as principal.

Jananii LLC, which lists a business address in Clarksburg, Md. Jusmin Patel, of Columbia, Md., is listed as principal.

Slap Ash LLC, which lists a business address in Glastonbury. Ashley Vaughn, of Tampa, Fla., and Amanda Ostrowitz, of Chicago, are listed as directors.

Divine 1 LLC, which lists a business address in Bensalem, PA. Dharini Patel, from Bensalem, is listed as the principal.

The microcultivators are:

Jananii LLC, the same company to receive retail license approval.

RAD Holding Corp., which lists a business address in Hartford. Shawn Devon Howell, of Hartford, and James L. Daddario, of Suffield, are listed as directors.

The capital joint ventures are:

Theraplant LLC, one of four existing medical marijuana producers in the state, has received approval for two EJVs – the maximum amount allowed by law.

Budr Hartford Holding LLC, which lists a business address in Hartford. Derrick Gibbs and Nancine Crump, of Middletown, and Carl Tirella, of New York, are listed as directors.

Applicants and their backers are currently undergoing background checks and further review by the DCP. Upon completion, qualified applicants must pay a fee to receive a provisional license. Fees vary. For a Social Equity Applicant seeking a Provisional Retail License, the fee is $2,500. Retail sales are expected to begin in Connecticut at the end of the year.

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