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  • A planned petition campaign in San Marcos could lead to the decriminalization of weed possession there.

If a criminal justice reform organization succeeds, the nearby town of San Marcos could stop laying charges for possession of marijuana.

Nonprofit group Mano Amiga, which has lobbied the city for a policy of citing and spreading weed, wants to table a proposal on the November 2022 ballot that would allow voters to decide whether to end the prosecution possession of weed, reports KUT, the Austin NPR affiliate.

Eric Martinez, policy director for Mano Amiga, told the station that a citation and release policy still weighs on those accused of possession by forcing them to face legal fees.

“It is high time we followed in the footsteps of many cities and states across the United States not to criminalize possession of cannabis,†Martinez said.

Mano Amiga wants to start petitioning voters in the spring so he can get his measure on the ballot for November 2022, KUT reports. The group needs the signatures of at least 10% of registered voters, which must be approved by the City of San Marcos clerk.

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