Coldwater’s Tenth Recreational Marijuana Store Opens

Coldwater’s 10th recreational cannabis store, Sapura, opened this week.

The store is the first in Michigan funded by Northeast Alternatives of Massachusetts, one of the state’s leading dispensaries. A second site will soon open in Lansing.

Director Josh said the company had “brought that same winning model to Michigan.”

With great graphics and a sleek design, the manager said Spaura is “all about the customer. It’s cannabis your way, so the customer gets exactly what they want.

With large displays on the counters and on the walls, “We have prepackaged bulk flowers. We have your cheap brands. We have your most cherished connoisseur brands and everything in between.

For those who don’t smoke, “We have a lot of edibles. We also have fast-acting gummies that activate in about 10 minutes, as opposed to the two hours you normally get with edibles. Next, we have fudge. We have chocolate balls. We have drinks, and in fact, we have drink enhancers.

There are products for dogs. If your dog is anxious around fireworks or if your dog is anxious when you leave the house, “it helps them relax and calm down,” Josh says.

And for older dogs, CBD products help relieve joint pain and issues.

“A lot of dogs saw an almost immediate correction from CBD,” he said.

The store is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

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