CNM offers course on cannabis before recreational legalization



“As we know, the cannabis industry is growing and changing in New Mexico and so we want to be part of creating that workforce,” said Mary Gallivan, senior manager of CNM Program Management.

CNM is offering a new online training course, the Cannabis Establishment Technician Certificate, to prepare this workforce.

“If you don’t know anything about the industry, that covers a lot of the basics from biology to safety and risk, medical cannabis law,” Gallivan said. “So that gives you a good understanding. “

Gallivan said CNM Ingenuity was teaming up with people from Seed Crest to provide the curriculum.

The 40-hour training will include mandatory regulatory training, but will also cover cannabis in New Mexico, vocabulary, licensing, plant biology and more.

“We’re looking to create the infrastructure here in New Mexico that works for New Mexicans, so that our people can have opportunities so that labor shortages can be addressed in a more meaningful way than just find worker bees for these projects. Said Shanon Jaramillo, Founder of SeedCrest.

The online course starts in November. Anyone in the State can register here – you do not have to be a student at the CNM.


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