Clark County Seeks Comments on Cannabis Salon Regulation, Unveils Possible Rules | News


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – Clark County officials are seeking feedback from businesses and the public. What should the regulations for cannabis salons contain?

More than 20 salons could arrive in Las Vegas. The Nevada legislature has given the green light to launch the shows in mid-2022, and Clark County must establish its own regulations.

Clark County will hold hearings from February 2022 and open them to businesses and the public.

Some possible rules to consider, according to Clark County officials at the last commissioners meeting:

  • THC limits per pack
  • Designated smoking areas
  • Areas designated for the consumption of edible products
  • Control of odors that float outside the premises
  • Consumption visibility limits from the outside

Very strict training and safety will be required for each operation.

Commissioner Tick Segerblom said the right regulations and the customer experience are key to attracting tourists and helping businesses generate profits.

“We don’t want to over-regulate… let companies do what they do,” he said. “We are on the new frontier again… we have the opportunity to be seen as a pioneer. This will prepare us for the future,” Segerblom said.

Segerblom said a key goal will be to encourage cannabis consumers to consume in salons.

Tourists on the Strip have a tough time. Hotels prohibit smoking in their premises and hotel rooms, but may not smoke in dispensaries.

“There is a huge concern about tourists outside on the Strip who smoke and impact others. They don’t want to spend a fortune to have to use something when they just can. go out the door, ”Segerblom said.

Source CEO Simon Nankervis said concerns about the restrictions are preventing customers from enjoying a salon experience.

“Most of the customers we spoke to are looking for a place to socialize with their friends, without having to buy and consume in large quantities. They’re looking for [the environment] to be relaxed, “Nankervis said, saying mood is the key to removing the stigma surrounding cannabis.” Coming out of the last few years, we’re trying to figure out what social life is like? ” he declares.

Nankervis is hoping the regulations won’t be burdensome on new businesses, launching an unknown company in the state.

“We have a lot of compliance in place,” Nankervis said.


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