City of Ridgeland withdraws from medical marijuana

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – Under state law, a city can deny the processing, sale, cultivation and/or distribution of medical marijuana and marijuana products in a city under the Cannabis Act. Mississippi Medical.

Ridgeland is one of the first cities to make this decision. According to Ward 6 Alderman Wesley Hamlin, people living in Ridgeland can still get the medications they need as long as they have proof from their doctor. However, the ruling will prevent storefronts and transactions within the city limits.

Under the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, a city can choose to re-register at any time.

The alderman of Ridgeland said the move is the best for the town at this time.

“One of the main reasons was that it was new and we didn’t really know its functionality, how it works, etc. In my opinion, the withdrawal just gives us the opportunity to look from afar in the other cities that do not don’t withdraw and see how it works and see the business structure of it all so for me it just gives us an opportunity to step back and watch and see how it works the good, the bad, the ugly, pros, cons.

Alderman Wesley Hamlin said his constituents support the decision to temporarily withdraw from the medical cannabis business in Ridgeland.

Ridgeland residents have the ability to file a referendum to overturn the decision, but the alderman says he doesn’t see that happening at this time.

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