Chauncey Leopardi talks 20 years of Squintz pot and flower


Former child star Chauncey Leopardi sat down with LA Weekly talk about growing cannabis for half of his life and the warm welcome his Squintz flower line received in the legal age.

Many big names have entered the legal market in recent years, but with the exception of Jim Belushi, it’s hard to think of anyone who has been as involved with the product as Leopardi. Even then, Leopardi’s time in the game dates back much further than most of the playing period, regardless of their number of IMBD or Grammy nominations.

Eight years after playing Michael “Squints” Palledorous in The sand, he would get his hands on the recommendation of his first doctor. Today, 20 years later, Leopardi has spent half his life growing cannabis or generally involved in gambling. Even before launching his larger-scale cultivation efforts a decade ago, he had already helped run a few pre-ICO stores in Los Angeles. Angeles.

Leopardi in full growth.

“I have always been passionate about the subject, then around 18, 19, I obviously discovered a real passion for the plant and I started to break it down and read the books by Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal. I want to learn how to grow plants, ”Leopardi said of getting my toes wet in growing cannabis.

It only added gas to the fire when a pal who worked for Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs told him about the medical recommendations for him to grow taller. But before settling in, he would visit the only two dispensaries in town. They were a pinched sketch.

“And then I built a little room and it was kind of my first time hanging lights or starting to grow plants, which was a disaster,” Leopardi said with a laugh.

But he would still be trucking, and now, at the age of 40, he can legitimately claim that he grows weed 20 years of his life and a decade commercially.

“It’s wild brother. You are the first person to tell me about it. But it’s 100% true to think so, ”replied Leopardi of the years he spent cultivating. “I won’t take the credit for that. Obviously I had plants in the ground at the time, but I’m going to give myself about 10 good years seeing solid parts and having a decent quality product to offer the consumer.

What was the first thing he cultivated all those years ago?

“I think I got my hands on what could have been a San Diego Bullrider,” Leopardi replied. “It was running in Kottonmouth Kings circles at the time.”

A link through the Kottonmouth Kings community would also help Leopardi build his first six-light growth in the day. But eventually, he got his hands on a legitimate OG Kush cut and performed it for years before being tempted by the more exotic terps that started to take off in the 2010s.

“I only started exploring the northern strains five or six years ago,” Leopardi noted. “Another six years ago, it was a pretty early adoption for the guys in LA. I mean, they haven’t really entered the exotic wave before, I guess, in the last couple of years. Looks like it took over.

Leopardi explained that he first fell in love with cookies. First, the platinum and finally the Forum Cup that he scored while working at Green Dragon. From there, he would go on his own to finally start his own store and cultivation efforts. Squints Cookies would do well in his shop and a few others, but it really sent him down the rabbit hole of Bay Area and Mendocino County flavors.

Eventually, he would partner with Foreign Genetics for the legal age. Although separate, the two brands work in constant collaboration, even sharing a grow facility.

Leopardi spoke about the move to the legal market.

“Obviously there were logistical hurdles, knowing that none of us are really from business, construction and security, and code management and all of that stuff. But I’m still inspired and just shocked brother, ”exclaimed Leopardi. “I’m just shocked that I walk the fire departments through buildings and facilities. I’m shocked to attend town planning meetings and with lawyers and talk about big things. And now to bring the brands elsewhere across the country. “

While Leopardi has had a lot of famous cuts under his lights at one point, at the moment the start of the pack is Wendy, named after the most iconic summer 1993 crush Wendy Perffercorn. Like many these days, Leopardi is silent on genetics but was prepared to give a few details.

He got a 10-seed packet from Exotic Genetics, ultimately narrowing it down to his winning pheno. He was running 8 or 9 testers and found himself coming back to flower. Once he knew he loved it, it was time to put it into production.

These days, you can find Wendy at Cookies stores all over SoCal and a few other places.

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