Canna Business Services Reveals 3 Major Pitfalls In The Cannabis Industry (And How To Avoid Them)


NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ, July 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Cannabis Industry Is Booming! We asked Emily seelman, Founder and CEO of Canna Business Services, her take on the 3 biggest traps you can fall into in the cannabis industry. Navigating these common stumbling blocks is essential for successful licensing in this lucrative growing industry.

Get a property

Finding cannabis-friendly and properly zoned real estate is a top priority. You will need to get an agreement to buy or rent the property. A location that is poorly zoned or located too close to certain properties will be prohibited under your state / locality cannabis regulations. The process of finding available real estate and acquiring it can take some time to negotiate with owners, so it is important to act quickly to obtain all the documents needed to apply for a cannabis license.

Build a winning team

Your plan is as effective as the people you have to carry it out and support it. Funding your project can be another stumbling block when applying for a license. Look for reliable investors who are experienced in the industry and able to prove their funding when applying. According to Seelman, “The ultimate goal should be to build your team with people who have experience both in the industry and in other regulated industries. Too few members and your application seems incomplete. Too many members and you risk ending up with people who are not necessary for your team – a waste of your energy and resources when faced with the app clock. ”

Start too late

Often times, people wait for the application window to open to start planning. It doesn’t give you enough time to research properties, assemble a team, secure finances, and start preparing your stories. “We have seen countless teams wait for the application window to open, which prevented them from creating a competitive application because they only have time to establish the bare minimum,” says Seelman.

Canna Business Services provides the highest level of certainty in the uncertain and high-risk cannabis industry by serving as expert industry guides and providing unparalleled market and compliance expertise for every stage of the lifecycle. of your cannabis business. Visit us at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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