Biden’s cannabis record after a year in office (Newsletter: January 21, 2022)

the RI government’s legalization plan; Poll: Americans not optimistic about Biden’s work on marijuana; The VA psilocybin bill has momentum; MO drug decriminalization measure

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A year in the administration of President Joe Biden, his key campaign promises on marijuana reform remain largely unfulfilled — and he has even taken openly hostile action on the issue, while at the same time overseeing some modest pro-reform developments. Marijuana Moment’s in-depth analysis takes a detailed look at what the Biden administration has done — and mostly not done — on cannabis since taking office a year ago.

A new poll has revealed that a majority of Americans say President Joe Biden has made little to no progress on his campaign promise to decriminalize marijuana – and only 5% believe he will make much progress on it in 2022.

Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee (D) again included marijuana legalization in its annual budget proposal, but this time with new automatic debarment provisions. Lawmakers say they are close to a legal cannabis deal that could be unveiled soon.

A bill to decriminalize psilocybin has won bipartisan support at a Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee audience, including the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate. Members plan to present an amended version of the legislation next week.

A Missouri Representative introduced a bill to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and cocaine.


the United States Department of Agriculture The National Agricultural Statistics Service tweeted: “Thanks to the work done in 2021, @usda_nass will for the first time have data on hemp production, conservation practices and agroforestry to better inform decisions about agricultural markets in the world. country.”

the Drug Enforcement Administration is looking for new locations and partner cities to host its traveling exhibition “Drugs: Costs and Consequences”.

Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) said passing marijuana banking legislation “is one of my top priorities, and I am pursuing all possible avenues to get the bill into law before the end of the year.”

Democratic Senate candidate from Louisiana Gary Chambers tweeted, “If you agree with me we should legalize cannabis nationwide. Erase the records of those who have been charged with cannabis convictions and build fairness in the business for black and brown people. He also has tweeted, “My state is ranked #50 in crime. Controlling cannabis does not make us safer. I will continue to talk about how politicians have smoked our fiscal resources to benefit the few. They left us in ashes because they won’t make meaningful change on a host of issues. spoke on his decision to show himself smoking marijuana in an advertisement.


Ohio Democratic congressional candidate John Cranley, currently mayor of Cincinnati, tweeted, “We need big, bold ideas and strategic plans to transform Ohio. No vague platitudes. That’s why I intend to create an energy dividend, legalize marijuana, and create more than 30,000 new middle-class jobs a year for Ohioans.

from Mississippi The Agriculture and Trade Commissioner has thanked lawmakers for removing his department from any role in a medical cannabis program with new amendments to legislation pending.

from texas the agriculture commissioner has severed ties with a political consultant who has been charged in an alleged hemp-licensed bribery scheme.

the Utah The Senate has approved a bill to require cities to recognize legal medical cannabis cards held by government employees. Separately, the Department of Food and Agriculture created a Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Division.

the Wisconsin The Assembly approved a Invoice increase penalties for making resin from marijuana plants by butane extraction.

the Vermont House Judiciary Committee discussed a bill to decriminalize drugs and will take testimony on the measure on Friday.

the Maine The Legislature’s Veterans Affairs and Legal Affairs Committee held a hearing on a marijuana delivery bill and other cannabis laws.

A New Jersey The senator said he will “push like hell” to pass a bill legalizing home cultivation of marijuana.

A North Carolina The senator tweeted about how his father’s experience with cancer informs his support for medical cannabis.

South Dakota regulators issued the first medical cannabis dispensary licenses.

Hearings in a lawsuit against Georgia the licensing process for medical cannabis companies from regulators will begin on Friday.

Oregon regulators invite questions about new rules on marijuana and hemp.

the Pennsylvania The Department of Community and Economic Development tweeted: “🌿 Clothing

🌿 Biofuel 🌿 Drywall 🌿 Vinyl Siding 🌿 Cosmetics — Over 25,000 products are currently made from #hemp. Take a look at how this fledgling industry is impacting #Pennsylvania and creating a new industry for our PA farmers. »

washington state regulators sent out a newsletter with updates on cannabis issues.

New York Regulators will discuss a social and economic equity fund for marijuana and other issues on Tuesday.

the Minnesota The Ministry of Agriculture will host a hemp forum on February 9.


the Thai The Department of Public Health’s Food and Drug Administration has proposed removing cannabis from its prohibited substance status.

Malta The new top marijuana regulator has spoken of plans to implement legalization after opposing the policy change.


A series of case reports from people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder suggested that “cannabis plays a complementary role in the therapeutic regimen”.

One study concluded that “Medical cannabis companies routinely use associations with academia and academic research to imply that their products are safe and effective before such claims are causally confirmed” and that “this practice may mislead patients, policy makers and the public into believing unconfirmed claims regarding the safety and efficacy of cannabis and cannabis-derived products cannabis”.


A survey of Americans with anxiety, depression, or PTSD found that 65% believe that psychedelic medicine should be made available to patients with treatment-resistant forms of these conditions.

the Tennessee Democratic Party The President tweeted, “@POTUS could cancel student debt and order HHS and DEA to begin the marijuana rescheduling process, while offering a blanket pardon to those charged with nonviolent possession of marijuana. With the stroke of a pen, this can be done without fear of Manchin and Sinema being blocked.

the South Carolina Sheriffs Association speaks out against a pending medical cannabis bill.

founding partner of LawForge criticized the Democrats’ marijuana legalization efforts.


Eleusis goes public through a merger with Silver Spike Acquisition Corp. II.

PharmaCann Inc. completed an additional issuance of senior secured notes for approximately $39.5 million.

curafeuille faces a consumer complaint about inconsistent pricing of cannabis products from state to state.

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