‘Baked Old Ladies’ Potty Group Brings Meals to Needy in Vegas | State and Region

By ARLEIGH RODGERS – Las Vegas Sunshine

LAS VEGAS (AP) — On the third Sunday of every month, Ty “Pearl” Clark maneuvers through the Molasky Family Park in northeast Las Vegas, bringing hot meals to homeless or low-income residents of the region.

It’s a lively affair with music as Clark and other volunteers distribute freshly cooked food to up to 150 people.

“It’s quite a vibe,” Clark, founder of Baked Old Ladies, a cannabis advocacy group that leads distribution, told the Las Vegas Sun. “It’s a cool energy. You legitimately have to see for yourself.

The effort aims to help some of Nevada’s more than 373,000 people who face hunger and 35.5% of families who depend on benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, according to a Feeding America report.

The report says 44,460 Clark County children live in households with low food security.

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Clark helped form the group in 2018, when after attending a catered party, she began to reflect on the gap in access to food between at-risk populations and affluent partygoers.

The CEO of a cannabis consulting firm, Clark has found that his colleagues in the industry “also have a heart to give back.”

And volunteers donate more than the basics, providing main dishes like filet mignon and desserts like cakes and fruit.

“We feed people the way we want to be fed, so we make really, really good meals,” she said. “We pride ourselves on treating people the way we want to be treated, and we call that sharing meals with our neighbors.”

Since the nonprofit began, Clark said Baked Old Ladies has connected with more than 100 community partners through a combination of cannabis advocates and homeless outreach nonprofits. .

One group with overlapping interests is Holy Smoke Misfit Missionaries, where President Arthur “Doc” McClenaghan said Clark helped distribute meals in Las Vegas tunnels and wash up runoff.

In turn, McClenaghan and his wife frequent the Molasky Family Park to help the Baked Old Ladies distribute their afternoon meal.

“What I love about the way the Baked Old Ladies do it is they really personalize it,” McClenaghan said. “She volunteers everywhere, whatever needs to be done.”

The group reached 3,000 needy residents a month, Clark said. For example, a company reached out to her recently asking for help hydrating the homeless. They immediately delivered 30 cases of water.

“There’s no reason for us to refuse,” she said.

The Baked Old Ladies is partnering with The Source, a chain of legal marijuana dispensaries in Las Vegas, where this month customers can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar or make separate donations to help the group. The dispensary provided them with $38,000 in 2021.

“The great impact the Baked Old ladies have as a non-profit organization on the Las Vegas community is inspiring and we are so honored to partner with them this month,” said Simon Nankervis, CEO of Source Holding, in a press release.

Tina Ulman, director of brands at The Source, said the dispensary’s goal is to consistently exceed its past donation efforts. In December, the company raised approximately $10,000 for Helping Hands of Vegas Valley, a non-profit organization that helps seniors meet their daily needs such as transportation, food, household repairs and care. relief for the primary caregivers of the elderly.

“I look forward to having conversations with our people who sometimes need the most support…and I’m just thinking about getting our community out of cannabis so people can really see the opportunity we have to have a impact, starting right in our local park,” Ulman said of the Molasky Family Park cast.

This year, Clark is looking to partner with more nonprofits with Food Rescue Incentives to ban food waste and redistribute it to community members. The need, she said, is greater due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

“I’m running out of food, and that’s one thing I don’t like to do, and that means there are more hungry people in the area,” she said. “Our mission statement is to support those who support you and lead by example. … If you have your front, we have your back.

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