American Council of Cannabis Medicine Announces Medical Cannabis Bill and Ongoing Congressional Sponsorship


WASHINGTON, December 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, the American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announced its federal bill and the start of discussions with sponsors in the House and Senate. ACCM leadership expects to incorporate the initial sponsors and move the medical cannabis legislative package forward early in the 2022 Congress schedule.

“Legislative work has accelerated this year. ACCM’s continued focus on professionalization, clinical research and better access has been a rallying cry to align some of the best players in medical cannabis. The continued contribution paves the way for finally a movement at the federal level. , “said, Mark the block, Co-chair of the ACCM Legislative Committee. “Our formidable legislative team, working hand in hand with a remarkable advocacy team, set everything up for a successful legislative campaign. Everyone now sees a way forward to reprogram medical cannabis.”

Designed to provide massive public support for proposed upcoming legislation, the American Council of Cannabis Medicine’s ongoing citizen advocacy programs – Senior Source, We Care-We Cann, and Physicians Care – operate under the Yes program. We Cann! and high state initiatives.

“We have been overwhelmed by the popularity of the subject of medical cannabis. In just over a month, we have aligned thousands of people who will support our efforts nationally and in 50 state programs (including those which have not yet been legalized) “, states Glen caroline, Head of Advocacy and Co-Chair of the ACCM Outreach Committee. “By the time the legislative process begins, ACCM will have formed one of the largest and most committed supporters groups in the country. Our team has worked on several campaigns, and we have rarely seen interest and support like this one.”

Yes we can ! moves across the country and builds an army of partisans. The program started at the end of October and has already reached over a million people and will provide assistance at the federal level. He works hand-in-hand with Elevated States, the ACCM’s state program, which expands access to physicians and patients through outreach and education. The programs are supported by web properties. The Elevated States site is at and Yes We Cann! is at

ACCM has aligned over 100 partners / professional resources to successfully navigate the legislative process.

“The American Society of Cannabis Medicine is excited about the advancement of ACCM legislation and is preparing to provide expert resources for legislative testimony and hearing work,” said Garnett Meador, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of ASCM.

“Our Leadership Advisory Council has really provided important advice,” said Scott Rancie, vice president of member services at ACCM. “The approved Council expansion will broaden industry participation and expertise.

The ACCM is launching a campaign to expand the Industry Leadership Council to prepare for important work in early 2020. Check out the campaign below:

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine is the “Voice of American Medical Cannabis”. The ACCM represents the American medical cannabis industry, which supports millions of jobs in the United States and is supported by a growing grassroots movement supporting millions of beneficiaries. Members produce, process and distribute medical cannabis through government approved programs, support companies, the healthcare industry, physicians, researchers, healthcare / wellness providers, medical companies, insurance, systems and patient advocacy groups. They participate in the 14 ACCM standing zonal committees. ACCM was launched in 2016 as a Capitol Hill Task Force and has grown into a mission-driven 501c4. Our urgent goal is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level and improve access for states.

Contact the American Council of Cannabis Medicine at 202-349-9650, or visit

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