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Kerry Raheb, owner of Indica LLC, presents his plans to Selectmen’s board on Wednesday. He said he hopes to have a community awareness meeting for the dispensary as soon as possible.

ADAMS, Mass. – Kerry Raheb, owner of Indica LLC, presented plans for his cannabis dispensary to the Board of Selectmen on Wednesday, which will open at 127 Columbia St.

Raheb, who previously worked as an investment banker, said the company was his first cannabis dispensary. He said he intended to hold a community outreach meeting for the dispensary, which will be at the former Woodstock South site, a former gift and novelty shop, as soon as possible.

Raheb said he hopes his business can benefit the community beyond selling cannabis by working with and supporting local artists by selling their work in the store. He said he had several other plans in mind, including hiring workers who live in Adams and surrounding communities, helping to create a Columbia Street beautification program, and donating a percentage of the company’s annual profits to the city.

“I just thought I would be a lot more aggressive and set my goal a lot higher for the city,†he said. “I feel blessed to be welcomed here.”

Additionally, Raheb intends to donate $ 7,000 to the Adams Police Department, $ 3,000 to the Adams Fire Department and $ 5,000 to the town’s community development office during the first year of operation of the dispensary. He intends to donate even more money to these organizations in years two and three.

City administrator Jay Green said the city regularly receives several inquiries about the existence of a cannabis dispensary in Adams.

“The city of Adams receives quite a few inquiries,” he said. “Particularly lately, almost every week, about a variety of different properties that may or may not be appropriately zoned for the manufacture or cultivation of recreational or medicinal marijuana. A lot of these companies are on different business lines. stages of exploration They need a variety of different information from the municipality.

Also discussed at the meeting, council unanimously approved the renewal of the accommodation permit for the Mount Royal Inn at 99 Howland Avenue. The hostel did not return the renewal documents in time for the previous meeting.

Vice President Christine Hoyt said she is happy the hostel has completed the renewal request, but hopes it can be faster in the future.

“I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of response from Mount Royal Inn over the past two years with the renewal process,†she said. “I hope that with the extension we have given them, they take this information, learn from it, and be better on the renewal process next year.”

The board of directors also unanimously approved the licenses for Val’s Variety at 5 Columbia St. and Adams American Legion at 160 Forest Park Ave. Hoyt said those renewals were inadvertently omitted from the list from the last license renewal meeting for various reasons, despite being over.

The board voted unanimously to approve the appointment of a new Elizabeth Mach member to the Council on Aging’s board of directors, Elizabeth Mach. Mach did not attend the meeting, but a letter from Council on Aging Director Sarah Fontaine strongly recommended Mach’s appointment.

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